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"The taro has always been a part of my life on Kauai. We use to have to the taro patch and fill 20 bags to pay rent. We would pull taro a good part of the day. Twice a month for rent. Bobo and Warren guys were all there, everyone was in a line pulling taro, the whole Tai Hook ohana. You would pull the taro root and have to pull off the hairs off the root. The big ones had plenty hairs. Bobo guys would blow us away, pulling faster than us.


Now the taro leaf is the logo for my surfboards. My wife Mo helped me design it back in the late 70's. She was going to botany school at the time and she drew the perfect taro. Originally it was just a taro root with the leaves. Then after the first batch of laminates I changed the root to the island of Kauai., Now thats my logo, a taro plant with the island of Kauai."

- Terry Chung

Planted over 20 years ago at his farm in Kilauea, Terry Chung recently harvested the first batch of his Hawaiian balsa wood. After years of cultivating and curing the wood, Terry has now began handcrafting the balsa wood into a variety of boards. From tow-in foil to mini balsa guns, these boards have been built from start to finish on the north shore of Kauai. Known for its strength and longevity, these limited Hawaiian balsa wood boards are made to withstand the Hawaiian winter elements and last a lifetime. 

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